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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taking bets on prop 8! [updated]

So i'm sitting here at work on this bright California Tuesday morning. Had quite an um...interesting weekend to put it mildly. Week actually. No, make that an interesting month. But I think this weekend kinda capped it all off. I hope. Maybe I can move along and be done with the drama. Spring semester is DONE woooo hoo! So I dont have school to stress over, at least for the next 3 weeks. Life can only get better from here.

Oh but there is that little Prop 8 thing. Most of u should know that the CA court will be giving its decision today around 10am regarding the ban- does it stay or does it go? Im hoping for an American Idolesque upset. Like I want the judges to come trotting out waving rainbow flags while telling the prop 8 supporters to shove their ban up their ignorant asses.

A gay girl can dream BUT I know I can't have it all so i'll just settle for a vote to overturn the ban and let us marry!
My fingers are crossed. Im trying not to get my hopes too high up there because...well just because i know how this shit goes. But im a tad bit hopeful. I mean it really is ridiculous to think that California even has to go through all this. For a state that supposedly leads the country towards all things progressive, we sure as hell are slacking on this one. I mean Vermont and Iowa beat us to it!? Come on now.

So here's to hoping that my Tuesday will be an amazing one and that California will finally take a step away from the darkside cuz if not, i'm seriously considering moving to Canada.

Stay tuned as i update....

10:12 am as reported on CNN, CA courts rule to keep ban in place but the couples who have already married prior to the ban will remain legally bound.
In other words, congrats to those who rushed to city hall before Nov. 4 2008 and a big giant FUCK YOU YOU DONT MATTER EVEN THO YOU PAY TAXES LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE to the rest of us gay people who didnt get married then but would most definitely like to one day before I'm dead and gone. I cant do this today. They just pissed me off. Any hope that I did have has been dashed and buried now...


Monie said...


Isn't a shame that freakin' Iowa is ahead of us on this!

It's almost time, just 15 more minutes.

glennishamorgan said...

It's so crazy because last week there was a hoax on Twitter going around saying that we had overcame this issue. But, anywho I really do hope we beat this non sense! My fingers are crossed!

Chanel said...

This is so depressing. Seriously. @Monie, yeah its beyond sad. @Glennisha, i remember that twitter thing. lol. I was like umm...funny how i havent heard anything and im in cali!

Monie said...

Oh well, back to being second class citizens.

Toni said...

Lol...we'll get there...we just gotta wait 4 all these ignorant old asses 2 die off. Y does it seem like those type of old people always live the longest?! Wussup wit that