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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hurt me

Hurt me

because u want to
because it feels good...even though the truth behind it all hurts even worse
Hurt me

for your sanity
for your bruises
for your boulevard of broken dreams
Hurt me

how u know you need to
how u feel u should have long before it became the only thing you remember how to do
Hurt me

for some get back
for some attention
for a release
for a purpose that will escape you years from now
when all that will be left is a shield of infected scars
and remnants of a battle that produced two casualties of an ill-fought war
Hurt me

to numb your own pain
to boost your own ego
to strengthen your own bond with this new side of yourself that smells blood
throws salt
claws the ground
and suffers silently

Hurt me

because it will never be enough
Not peace
not even love

all pales in comparison to the potency of pain

hurt me so the story can come to an end

That's what im use to you know
Whichever form it comes in
i hurt you u hurt me
u hurt me first i hurt u last u hurt me again...
i hurt myself best

so hurt me

at least i'll be among familiar company
i'll cry familiar tears
feel familiar guilt
resentment stopping short of hate...or maybe not

doesnt matter as long as you reach your goal
so hurt me
and make it count
make it sting
boil over
and spill in abundance
seep into the purest of my spiritual soil
reaping more of what drove you to hurt me in the first place...



Alix said...

And she's a poet too?!

Well done, Chanel...

Chanel said...

lol. Thanks.

Monie said...

Wow, Chanel that was amazing.

Toni said...

interesting, but great, as always

theemancipationofdanisalex said...

Wow this was really great. I love Friday Blues too.