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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday blues

The song asks should I just keep chasing pavements
If I only had the option
its like pavements are chasing me
crushing my leverage
stifling my air
brick walls and falling bridges at every turn
I'm desperately seeking help
not a hand, but a heart
something to let me know that its okay to get comfortable with the fact that it may never be okay....

Such a tragic inevitability
is a bitch and so was I
Nice to meet you
I extend my hand, not to greet you but to snatch my soul back from your lethal grasp
Stop time and rewind it back to the day before mistakes were made
Made like the bed i'm now forced to lie in
because i failed to rise above the bullshit and drama

But its a new day! I sang
I smiled and promised to never turn back towards the past
Let it simmer behind me, a constant heat
Serving as a reminder that when you play with fire....


knowledge said...

I love poems that I sense are born of realism and personal experience. This was raw. Very nice.

Toni said...