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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New blog name- Who told u I had to give a f*ck?

[please be prepared for a brief yet blunt fuck u to the people who have taken it upon themselves to piss me off. If this is not you, u dont necessarily need to read any further]
As I was saying- Who told u I had to give a fuck?
That's precisely what I should change my blog name to cuz it's the level i'm on right now. People these days feel as if they can say and do some old crazy off the wall type shit solely because what, you were born? I think not. I dont give a good two hells about blog etiquette when i'm writing for myself! What sense does that make? Im gonna censor myself on my own blog because my opinions rub u the wrong way. Get the hell on somewhere. Not in this lifetime spanning from 1983 until ...

I already have one disclaimer at the top of my page, allow me to make another clear:

My opinions belong to me. They arent contagious. Just because i say it doesnt make it gospel. Just because I condone it doesnt mean everyone else should or will. If I say I dont like something and YOU choose to take it personally, i advise you to work it on out and move right along cuz myself and the drama mix like oil and water=we dont. Follow me if u like. Ignore if you'd rather. I'll continue to do one simple thing and that's talk my shit.

Thank you and have a beautiful day. Back to my normal smiles and sunshiney self :-)


Anonymous said...

Well damn! I dont wanna ever piss u off. U ok now?

Alix said...

There is a lot of this kinda shit going on.

I can definitely relate...

Toni said...

Lol...u must not post the comments that criticize your opinion, bcuz I've never seen any.