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Friday, September 28, 2012

Was that sex??

Don't ask why [because I really don't know] but for some reason I have been a part of a few conversations with friends regarding the number of sex partners we have had. I noticed an interesting pattern rising out of the gutters of these talks. The dialogue goes a little something like this:

"I think I've done hella good. Most people my age have twice the amount of partners I have."
"I think you forgot about a few. How many did you say?"
"Hold up, let me count again. And it's only people I've had sex sex with, right?"
"Sex sex?? The hell is that??"
"I mean, like not just fingering. Real sex."

O________o *crickets*

So, I need to know what constitutes SEX sex between women?  It seems like some people believe that for women, you have to get/give head or give/take the strap for sex to be considered capital letter italicized SEX. My train of thought is if any part of you makes its way inside of me....its SEX sex. Maybe this isn't as popular of a belief because that would make people bigger trollops than what they wanna be?? Hmm.

But then I think about it in terms of hetero sex, and I confuse myself. Because if I were with a dude, and he gave me head, or fingered me, and we stopped there...I don't think I would say/feel that we had sex. I would say/feel that he gave me head and fingered me. Which, I guess, between men & women, is not SEX sex.
But for women, it is. At least for me.


Now I need a drink.