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Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday! Lez youtube trickery of the week

@3:15 "Make that booty talk heyyyyy" lmfao! Wow. Bored as f*ck. Get a job :-)

I hate cooking. But i'll do it for my GF cuz i love her & cuz she loves my food. But i'll be damned if i turn into Betty Crocker every damn nite. Its not happenin. Answer that tho. Good question. Do you think femmes should do all the cooking?


whatilike said...

That makes no sense, whoever can cook cooks. If my family of origin doesn't adhere to such backwards stereotypes of who cooks, then why would I turn around and endorse such backwardness? I mean if that's what you like, then fine. Don't be prescribing this general sense of "all femmes"...I'm allergic to such crap. lol.

Chanel said...

@whatilike Amen!

Monie said...


But what if there are two femmes or two studs in a relationship? Lol Then what?

breastswildasblkwaves said...

Umm, no. HELL no. If I meet a stud and she starts spitting that nonsense about me doing the cooking, I'll probably not return her calls. It's that serious. Because I can only imagine that mindset will manifest in direction areas of the relationship.

glennishamorgan said...

This is where the labels get stupid. We're all women no matter what label or box we fit into. It should be 50/50 point blank. If someone actually can't cook or has horrible cooking skills then the other can teach or she should just make up in another department.