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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do sex + lesbians = stalker?

Casual sex= Sexual acts between 2 (or more:-) adults with no strings attached. Void of all committments and emotions.

We've all heard the following:
Women are emotional creatures by nature. (Depends)
When women have sex with someone its more of a mental thing than physical. (debatable)
Women get attached to their partners after having sex with them & there's damn near nothing u can do to stop it. (lol)

Okay, if all of the above are perceived to be true, how on earth do lesbians have one night stands? Many many one night stands at that. [sidebar, I myself have actually never had a one nite stand so i've missed out on all the fun. But ALL of my friends are a bunch of skanks sexually expressive women who like to hit it & quit it frequently ]

I do think that overall, women relate to sex differently than men do. Most men have magnets at the tip of their penises and anything with half a vagina attracts them from a mile away & they go for it, no hesitancy. In my experiences, women tend to be a tad more analytical

well if i do this, how will she think of me? Is she gonna call me? Maybe I should wait it out. I wonder if she even really likes me. Blah blah blah.

So can we have casual sex and keep it movin? And I mean REAL casual. Not the kind where you claim you arent feelin someone but the second she starts showin New Girl extra attention u start goin on mental trips, that eventually turn into obsessed stalker behavior (large amounts of unnecessary texts & phone calls, whining & complaining, randomly poppin up at work/home/club/gym) I mean the kind of sex where you get yours, she gets hers and y'all part ways only to hook back up the next time your body is callin for it (only if it was good of course).


Fab Fierce Femme said...

Yes queer girls can have casual sex. I won't go into details...but yes we can. And do.


Monie said...


I must admit I'm a stereotype when it comes to sex. If I'm not feeling something emotionally for a woman I just can't do it. And yes having sex with someone causes me to form a bond, although I've never stalked anyone. Lol

On the other hand, that's just me. I know quite a few lesbians that have had 'hook-ups'. And if Craigslist is any indication there are tons of women who have very casual sex.

lauren said...

Yes, they can and do! But you can never ever predict when *love* is going to raise its ugly head. As it were. That's part of the danger and the fun!


Chanel said...

Thanks for the affirmation Luna!! ;-)

Monie, lmao @ craigslist. You are so right. If i had a dollar for every thirsty female with an ad looking for sex...

Lauren, I agree with u. Love can definitely get real ugly.

knowledge said...

Umm, apparently not the ones I've had the pleasure of enjoying over the years, and that's why I've never had a one night stand is my guess. Either they or I always ended up coming back for more and sometimes it would turn into full on relationships. lol.

I'm with Monie though because even then, we'd already formed emotional bonds. Without that, at least on my end, there's no sex happening.