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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's quick question

If you could live in an exclusive LGBT community, would you? And I mean a real community, gay schools/universities, grocery stores, libraries, malls, churches, clubs, restaurants. Everything gay owned and catering to US.


knowledge said...

I wouldn't even be interested in something like that, unless it was just to visit for a couple of weeks or a short time.

There are some must haves in my life and diversity (in all its forms) is one of them. Great question.

Alix said...

As long as I'm allowed back out again, lol.

Diversity is what makes the world go round. It's what stimulates our minds and keeps our creative juices flowing.

I would settle for living in a neighborhood where people didn't look twice at me kissing my gf in our front yard.

Monie said...


Yep, I'd love to live in a lesbian community. But it would have to be a majority Black lesbian community. I wouldn't want to be a minority in this. I already know what that's like. Lol

Chanel said...

Hmmm good responses guys. I think I would do it too, Alix & Monie. But i agree it would have to be a heavy cultural mix. Knowledge, honestly i think i could do away with men all together. lol. Diversity is great and i love it but men just arent in the equation at all.