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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Impress me

I was skimming an article about all the many ways men and women go about trying to impress each other. Some people lie, others are brutally honest. Some maintain strict work-out regimens to use their bodies as ways to impress. Others may not work out much but their mental abilities leave people hooked.

I'll admit to not being an easy person to impress. I expect a lot from people in general, so my mouth rarely drops in awe. If you tell me your goal is to graduate from college with an A average, i'm not gonna do cartwheels for you. I'll smile and say good, that should be your goal since you're paying for it and busting your ass to take the classes. Might as well get an A. I feel like this, don't try to impress me with stuff you should be doing for yourself anyway. It wont get you far.

A few things that do impress me though are:
*Being a good writer. Everyone claims to be a writer. Not everyone who claims to be one, is a good one. And it's not as easy as many would like to think. It takes a pen and a sheet of paper to write a poem, it takes an artist to create a piece that captivates and leaves a reader wanting more.
*Having strong vocal ability. I've been singing my entire life. I know the difference between natural talent and studio enhanced nonsense. If u can sing & produce a quality sound without the aid of any equipment, including a mic, i'm impressed. If you can sing AND you write your own stuff...i'm double impressed.
*Being able to hold an intellectual and witty conversation. This shouldn't be hard to come by, oh but sadly it is.
*Being a good arguer. Im a great arguer. Not too many people like to argue with me cuz i tend to shut it down. If u can strongly argue your point and it makes sense, kudos.
*I'm impressed by someone who not only believes that reading is fundamental but its ESSENTIAL to their soul. A well read woman is one of the most impressive (sexiest) things ever.

That's about it.

So what impresses you?

1 comment:

knowledge said...

Thoughtful poets.
Thinking outside the box and making sense.
Unassuming trendsetters.
People, especially teachers, who genuinely care and insist on going the extra mile.
A woman's forgiveness.
And her love.

There's more, but those are between me, myself and I.