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Friday, March 27, 2009

That's so GAY

Two young girls are complaining about the tragedy of their 16 year old lives. One of them goes on and on about how her mother won't let her leave the house "just because I didnt come home last weekend and forgot to call her. I mean damn it's not like I wasn't with someone I didn't know. Now she's on my ass for every little thing. That's so gay."

Question: When and why did "gay" become interchangeable with "that sucks" or "that's lame" or "you look like a dumbass" ?

It doesn't make much sense to me. Goes to show how much negativity is attached to being gay. As if we needed anything else to point that out.


Monie said...


I agree totally. I posted a public service announcement about this very thing.

Here is the link:


glennishamorgan said...

For one she needs her lil 16 year old ass kicked for not coming home or calling and then she had the nerve to cop an attitude because her is doing what a mother should! SMH! These kids are lunatics these days. But yea I hate when people use that term like that. Maybe we need to take the phrase back and re-define it. For example: OMG I went to that new club last night and I had the gayest time ever. It was so much fun!

Sounds kinda corny but, you get my drift?

whatilike said...

lol at "the gayest time ever"!