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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My current problem with lesbian literature

As i'm finding more and more lesbian novels to read, i'm also being reminded as to why I was never truly captivated with the gay book scene in the first place. I did have an enjoyable experience reading Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle, so kudos to her. Since then i've moved on to a new lesbian themed book and i'm searching for a reason to finish it. Like really looking hard.

My problem with current les-lit is that a lot of it is too watered down for my tastes. I need substance, and depth. I need more than street talk and relatively lame strap-on sex scenes. I need multi-dimensional characters who can deliver more than corny lines and dyke drama. (oh my god did i just say dyke!!!?) I just need SOMETHING. All of this add water and stir "literature" is not the business.

i know, i know. Why don't I stop complaining and write my own damn book?

I'm workin on that.

As of now, i'm still searching for these 50 so-called must read lesbian/gay books. I've found maybe two. Anyone have any suggestions for me? And if u suggest something i've already read or am currently reading that falls into the category of LLL (lame lesbian lit) I'm gonna call you out on it. lol.


curiouslovechild said...

Hmm...have you heard of the story collection Walk Like a Man? Most of those stories are pretty good.

Tamara said...

RubyFruit Jungle was really good. She had another one called Venus Envy. It was a little confusing in the middle and I struggled to finish. The overall story line was ok--the main character thought she was dying and sent letters to all her family and friends coming out. Only to later find out it was like heart burn or something like that. But Rita Mae Brown has more lesbian themed stories that are pretty good.

Chanel said...

Curious, I have heard of the book. haven't read it, but i'm gonna check it out.

Tamara, I just added Venus Envy to my Amazon book list. Can't wait to read it.

ladybugsmile said...

Have you read Bliss by Fiona Zedde?

whatilike said...

How about "Does Your Mama Know"...it's a book of coming out stories. Not a novel, but really good.

Chanel said...

Thankd for all the suggestions guys! I'll definitely check them out.

Samantha said...

try Far from Xanadu. pretty good book. by Julie Anne Peters

Anonymous said...

You should check out Sistahs on the Shelf, a website that reviews black lesbian books. You'll find a lot of good lesbian novels there.