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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bisexual now, gay later?

According to Kinsey, sexuality is a very fluid scale that can variate at any given time during one's life. According to him, very few people are strictly hetero, or strictly homo. We're all a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that depending on the season, time of day and type of liquor. (ha)

So i'm wondering if i'm a poster child for the Kinsey scale.
As a child I was a child. Not really sure what anything was or wasn't, but I was awfully curious about both girls and boys. As a teenager I was into guys outwardly, and into girls inwardly but I didnt claim to be bi or anything. (Who did that in jr high?) As a young adult I began to question how straight I really was while I was thoroughly enjoying my experimentation with women. When I decided to finally drop the straight-mask, I immediately opted for bisexuality instead of claiming to be a lesbian. For some reason, it just sounded better. And maybe, at that time in life, I was bi I guess. But I knew something was wrong. And now as a grown, fully independent woman, I am a lesbian. Don't do men at all and don't ever plan on doing them again. The term bisexual no longer appeals to me in the slightest and now, I don't see how it ever appealed to me at all. But hey, it was what it was.
So how's that for a sliding scale? Is that a typical experience? Did any of you start the trip towards figuring out your sexuality, but detoured at a bisexual rest stop for a minute, before continuing towards gaydom? What about going backwards? From fully gay, back to bi? (Is this even believable?)


pinkchocolatesunshine said...

i saw this on Oprah today. i that that you could be totally hetro (a 0) or totally gay (a 6) on the scale.

honestly, i am in love w/ my gf...i feel in love w/ the person, not her gender. if we ever break up...i don't know if i would be with a guy or girl next. right now, i am interested in no one but her.

curiouslovechild said...

I agree with pink. I'll fall in love with my partner's personality more so than the gender. I'm not even sure if I can call myself bi. It does seem safe. But I am aware that sexuality is fluid and that we all go through our stages.

I'll let you where I stand in a couple of years lol

Monie said...


I'm def a 6 on the scale, totally a lesbian. I've never even remotely been interested in men in a sexual way, not even as a teen.

Chanel said...

Pink...damn i missed Oprah! Imma have to youtube that one.

Curious...I kinda understand the whole falling in love with the person and not the gender thing, but for me it's like, you NEED to be of a certain gender for me to even pay enough attention to you for me to fall for u. And that gender is female. lol. Ok i'll check back with u in 2012.

Monie...good job! lol :-) Sometimes i wish I never even went there with guys...such a waste of my time. Oh well.

glennishamorgan said...

I read about this scale on Monie's blog. Haven't taken the test so I don't know what Kinsey thinks about me but, I know that there is no way that a man could ever touch me again.

Lipstick said...

Sexuality is very fluid. I can relate to your story because I (always) considered myself bisexual as a youth. But I came to the realization that although I find men attractive that I'm not interested in them sexually or romantically. I've considered myself a lesbian for 8 1/2 years and I don't ever see myself going back to men.

whatilike said...

I've taken the kinsey test several times (i thought it would help me--not really). But I thought I was straight til 17, questioned it went back and forth with a mil names--bisexual, heteroflexible, pansexual--before I realized I was only into women three years later.

Chanel said...

Heteroflexible...wowwww. I swear i learn new things every day.