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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear ilene Chaiken (creator of the L Word)

Dear Ilene,

5 days have passed since I was forced to say adieu to the L Word. Upon the closing credits, I knew I would have something to say. I was just too pissed and bewildered to say it the next day after. Or two days after. Or even four days after for that matter. But I feel as if I am now ready to break my hostile silence and let you know how I feel about you. Not necessarily at this very moment, but definitely how I felt about you on last Sunday.


That had to be just about the the dumbest, most open ended, least satisfying, tv for dummies series finale ever. And I am beyond offended.

I just don't understand. I already felt as if the L Word seasons were ridiculously short and crammed with too much to unfold over 10-12 weeks of one hour shows. So strike one was the fact that the last season was only 8 weeks long. Strike two was the fact that new storyline after storyline was introduced to us faithful followers when you knew damn well you only had 8,7,6,5,4, (count em down) shows to go. Strike three was the entire last show, period. From A to Z it was a huge disappointment.

Do you realize how many loose ends were left dangling in the wind? Let me make you aware.

Does Tina ever find out about Jenny's lil iphone clip of Bette supposedly going down on Kelly?
Do Bette and Tina make it out to NY? Do they get another baby?
Do Tasha and Alice keep it together? And where in the hell was Tasha all day when Alice was waiting for her to call anyway?
Does Max decide to raise his own baby?
Is Dylan really to be trusted?
Do Kit and Sunshyne Blvd (aka Sonny) live happily ever after?
Does Shane change at all at any point over the past 6 yrs?

And these aren't even all of the questions. Just the ones I feel the most animosity about. I mean really, Ilene. You built the entire seaason around who killed Jenny...and then you didn't even answer that! It just irks me how a show typically well-written, superbly acted, and with intricate story lines could end with almost no resolution at all. It just made no sense and it seemed to be a waste of the past 6 years of my life that I will never get back. Oh well. That's Hollywood for ya, right?

Just know that I expected more from you and you horribly failed to deliver.

Sincerely NOT over it,


Confused Luv said...

I so agree with you! So many people have the same thoughts.

abrowngirlgonegay said...

I'd like to sign the bottom of that as well...

pinkchocolatesunshine said...

Ilene is no fool. i think this was done with the intention of possibly producing a movie. they had to leave us hanging, so when the movie comes out we will have something to look forward to.

i could be wrong, time will tell...