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Monday, March 2, 2009

L word withdrawls- it's already starting :-(

I don't think anyone realizes how much I am going to miss this show. Maybe some of you do. Those who were happy as hell the first time you saw a preview for the show, 2 months before the first episode aired. I was like lesbians? LA? Jennifer Beals? Oooooo. lol. And I've been hooked ever since.

And now it's leaving!!! :-( This sucks so bad..

I've had my problems with the show. When they killed off Dana I swear I was ready to quit it. I didn't care too much for Papi. When they had Shane fuck over Carm like that...y'all just dont know how pissed I was. (I'm prayin she makes a surprise cameo in the last show to come back and beat Shane's ass one good time) Kit's character hasn't had a decent story line since Angus cheated on her with the babysitter. (How lame was that?) And Jenny? I wont even go there. So yeah, there have been some slip ups. But along the way, these ladies have become an intricate part of my Sunday nights, and to quote Tasha, I'm not ready to let you go yet, L Word!!

Speaking of last night's show. Lord. Really quick commentary. Im happy Jenny busted Shane and Nikki out and now maybe Shane will stop acting like a 14 yr old horny boy and start making some grown woman decisions. She hasn't changed a bit since the 1st season. Disappointing. Bette was also a diappointment last night and she's also the recipient of the biggest retard award. As soon as Jenny came at her with "you didn't tell Tina about how you had sex with Kelly this weekend?" Bette should have drug Jenny's ass over to Tina so Jenny could say what she had to say and so Bette could set the record straight. All of this hush hush behavior is making her look guiltier than O.J. I swear, for such an educated, professional woman, she can be positively stupid. Kit...lmao. I'm just happy she knows that Sunset Blvd is actually Sonny Benson and now she can get some ass. Her reaction to him telling her he was straight and wanted to be with her was classic. Gotta love Pam Grier.

And last but not least, Alice and Tashal Words can not express how upset I am at Tasha. Alice has been done wrong every single season!!! And she's like the most loyal, most genuine, most sane person out of the group. She can't get a break! I dont understand the appeal of whatever the chick's name is who Tasha is allowing to come in between her and Alice. But I know it happens. I'm just sad. They're so cute together and I think they're good for each other. I'm not a believer in the whole two people who are different as day & night can't be in a lasting relationship. First of all, I've been in one for four yrs. Woo hoo! lol. And I think being too much alike poses more problems than bringing differences to the table. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe T will come to her senses and see that Alice is a good woman. Maybe they both need to have sex with this chick (3some anyone?) and move on.

Best moment of the entire season: Alice, Tasha and the other chick's hip hop dance. They rocked the asymmetrical multi-colored wigs, the bamboo earrings and the shiny spandex pants. I died. And I will be youtubing that scene so I can watch it over and over and over again. Tibette's performance was kinda sexy too :-)

Okay so yeah. Last nigh'ts ep was pretty good. Can't wait for next Sunday, But i'm dreading it at the same time. ALl I know is that there better be a feature film in progress. If Noah's Arc and Sex and the City can get one, TLW should have one too. Don't play.

Who Killed Jenny Prediction: I'm sticking with either Bette or Alice. Both have good motives. Especially Bette. Hers might be a little too obvious though so that's why im also leaning towards Alice. She hasn't liked Jenny for a minute now and I can see the contempt whenever she's around. We'll see if i'm right!! Predictions anyone???


pinkchocolatesunshine said...

as much as want to personally put my hands around Jenny's throat...what she did to Shane and Nikki was good for her ass! Shane really needs to grow up, Jenny is a nut but Shane can't even be true to her ownself and not screw around. Why is that. Shane is such an unrelenting whore it's crazy.

yeah, i don't know why Bette was acting scared of Jenny, for real, Bette should have told Jenny some things. why was Jodi talking to Kelly? why would Kelly say something happened that didn't?

that Jamie chick is just wrong. for real. what is so hot about her that Tasha wants anyway? that is grimy and shady! why can't she find her own girl???

damn right Kit hasn't had a decent story line since Angus. why is that? why is she treating the drag queen so wrong? shes cool w/ him when hes a woman, but can't talk to him as a man? whats up with that?

Wanna know who killed Jenny? I did! I can't stand her bitch ass, I got her good!! lol

last episode next week and then the L word is gone forever...

whatilike said...

"why would Kelly say something happened that didn't?"

b/c Kelly's been crushing on Bette and probably tried to spread rumors that would get back to Tina.

I hate that Kit hasn't had a storyline. They did Pam Grier wrong on this show.

The Salt'n Pepa cuts: I JUST walked passed a girl with a wig JUST like the ones Talice+Third Wheel rocked. And it wasn't parody, she was dead ass serious. lol.

I forgot about the "who killed Jenny" game. I honestly don't know. I kind of thought she killed herself but framed somebody for it. That would be classic Jenny.

pinkchocolatesunshine said...

@whatlike...true that about Kelly. i can't stand her faced lifted bug eyed self!

agree they haven't gave Kit anything interesting to say other than "uh uh, girl...i know thats right" lol

gosh next week and its all over...i will miss that show as much as i love to hate it!