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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lesbian of color RANT

Ok, so I live in the San Francisco Bay area. Not IN San Fran, but i can hop on Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transportation for those of you not in the know) and be there in less than an hr. I make that trip quite often cuz I love the city.

But, sadly, i'm beginning to feel as if the city doesn't love me back quite as much. When I tell people that there isn't much for a lesbian to do in the bay area they look at me as if my head is spinning on an axis. "You live near San Francisco! Hellooo! It's like gay utopia! How much gayer can you possibly get?!"
Ok, so maybe I shouldn't say there isnt much for lesbians in general to do, because there's always something, I guess. But for lesbians of color...mmm, not so much. It really sucks. I mean we're out here in swarms! Oakland (San Francisco's next door neighbor) is filled with black and hispanic lesbian's but it's as if we don't exist. And I don't mean to sound as if I want a distinct barrier between non-women of color events, and qwoc events. I dont. I love socializing with all races. But it is a little disheartnening to not have any venue where I can be surrounded with strong, fun, intelligent lesbians of color, unless its a night club. And even those have dwindled down to crap! I want neo-soul spoken word poetry slams, divas of color variety shows, HOT club scenes, social groups, political platforms for qwoc, etc. There's so much potential here it's shameful to not take advantage of it ( us ).
I can't blame it all on the bay though. It's up to the community to come together and do something. I've noticed that things tend to start up and everyone will be all hyped about it for a few months and then slowly but surely i'll be like "hey whatever happened to such and such..." Nothing lasts. Everything that even resembles a great space for qwoc falls victim to a lack of publicity, lack of support, or a general loss of interest. Once again, it sucks. I'm gonna try my hardest to come up with the best blueprint for a lesbian women of color scene that I can shop around and see who wants to jump on board. Hopefully it takes off and we start getting some representation, cuz um....i'm sick of this shit!!


glennishamorgan said...

How about you start an online Lesbian WOC group first. Maybe on Myspace, Facebook, or via Ning. Then from there you can begin to plan things and meetings outside of cyberspace.

whatilike said...

Yea, I've heard that the Bay Area is the best spot if you're a gay white guy. ...Not so much for qwoc.

Shawn said...

my wife and I visited san francisco a year ago and I was surprised that there wasnt any venues that catered to the qwoc community. I loved the city, but its not as diverse as I thought it would be. Im with glennishamorgan...it would be cool if you were the trailblazer and started something up :)