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Monday, February 23, 2009

L Word rant- I will kill Jenny myself

This is what I looked like by the end of last nights episode

I dont even know where to begin so i'll just jump right on in and say that if Jenny was anywhere within my reach, my hands would be wrapped around her throat. Those of you who read my other post on the L Word will remember that I didn't too much care for her to begin with. After last night, i'm so through with her it's not even remotely funny and I now fully believe that it will be either Bette, Alice or myself if I can somehow warp myself into the TV, who finally kills her.

I just wanna know two things about last night's show.

1) Why did Bette let Jessie into her house in the first place? and

2) Why can't Jenny mind her own damn business? Seems like she should have a lot to worry about, with everyone hating her and all.

Let me say that I am very VERY proud of Ms. Bette Porter for being on her Ps and Qs and not giving in to Jessie's "I'm just trying to cash in my coupon" ploy. She pretty much told her to shove the coupon where the sun is scared to shine 'cuz the shit EXPIRED years ago and she's now happily in love and faithful to Tina (finally). Kudos Bette because I know it wasn't easy. BUT why oh WHY did u even have to let the scandalous hoe into your house at all??!! This is how it shoulda played out:

Here comes Jessie (Yeah I know her name isn't Jessie in this show but she'll always be frizzy hair Jessie from Saved By The Bell to me) anyway, here comes Jessie drunk as hell, stumbling up to Bette's front door with a bottle of champagne.

Bette: Kelly what are you doing here?

Jessie/Kelly: I'm soooo happy for us tonight! I just wanted to celebrate with you!

Bette: (looks at watch) Oh mm hmm, okay, well it's a little late, and i'm tired, plus Tina might be calling me in a few so let's maybe get together tomorrow or something.

Jessie/Kelly: (pouting) No Bette, tonight is our night! The opening was so great and everyone loved it and blah blah blah blah

Bette: I know. I was there. I'm tired. You're drunk and I got shit to do. Ok? We work together Kelly, so we'll see each other tomorrow. Goodnight.

Bette closes door and proceeds to NOT get herself in any trouble whatsoever. Yayyyy.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened. And now Jenny thinks she caught Bette eating this woman out on the kitchen table when Bette was really just helping her pick up broken glass after the clumsy chick dropped it. Jenny is over there snappin pics from her window like the psycho stalker she really is and yes, the pics look very incriminating but the fact of the matter remains, Bette is INNOCENT, Jessie is a SLUT and Jenny is a NUT. *sigh* Now Tina is gonna come home and the shit is gonna hit the fan.

I hope someone smears it all over Jenny's face. Nosy ass. What Bette needs to do is hopefully not empty her trash can with the broken glass pieces, show this to Tina as evidence after Jenny rats on her, drag Jessie's triflin self to the house and let Tina question her, and then proceed to knock Jenny in her throat.

Bam. End of season.


glennishamorgan said...

Ahhh I didn't see it last night. I'm gonna find it online tonight and then come back and read this post. I don't wanna spoil it.

Chanel said...

Watch it!!! Its crazy.

pinkchocolatesunshine said...


yes, why the heck did she let her? remember when Jessie got Bette off the phone w/ Tina about some damn oysters? That shit was crazy. Bette told her though! hahhaha@Jessie is a slut...Jenny is a nut...so so so true!

glennishamorgan said...

Ok. I just saw it last night. The damn Jenny is MALICIOUS. Alice should have slapped her during the last EP before this one. This time Dylan and Tibette should slap her.

Tami- I'm soooooo glad that Bette checked Kelly about getting her off the phone with Tina over Oysters but, she really shouldn't have even tried to explain because it's none of Kelly's business. Kelly needs to slow her roll. I hope Tina get's a chance to seriously go off on her cause she has crossed the line one too many times.

Meshia said...

I just want a cameo on the L WORD SO i can smack the shyt out of Jenny. Let me start writing to Ilene Chaiken now.