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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tats & piercings! Love em/Hate em? Couldn't care less?

My favorite piercing

Showing off my labret. i miss it!!!!!!

Ahhhh the art of body modification. The practice has been around for many moons and it's safe to say that even in the midst of this horrible recession, people being laid off left and right, corporations going bankrupt and benefits slashed...tattoo parlors and the skilled artists within them aren't going anywhere. (*maybe i'm in the wrong field*)

I'm a tattoo & piercing feign. 2 holes in each ear (I want a 3rd but out of all my piercings my ear hurt like a b*tch!), 1 eyebrow ring, 1 tongue ring, had my labret pierced but it slipped out and closed :-( , 4 tats and hopefully 2 more on the way. I got my first body piercing when I was 18, first tat when I was 19 and haven't stopped since. I think when they're skillfully done, placed in the right spot and mean something personally to you, they are a beautiful form of self-expression. All four of my tats are pretty well-hidden except for the one on my inner wrist, so my love for body art hasn't hindered my progress in the professional world at all....yet. I'm fully aware that there might come a day where i'll have to retire my beloved eyebrow ring for a 6 figure high power job, but i'm holding out on the dream of writing and selling thousands of copies of my novel first, thus being SELF-employed :-)

So what do you think of tats and piercings in relativity to the work and school place? Are they eye sores or works of art??

Wierd, but it's pretty damn cool.

Foot tats... painful but i love em. I have a pride tat on my left foot.

WOW. Now that's obsession dedication.


The best tattoo EVER! :-) Yes i'm biased.


glennishamorgan said...

Even though I have a few piercings (my nose, and two in each ear) I'm not really addicted to them like I am tattoos. So far I have 5 tattoos and I plan on getting about 4 more at the Motor City Tattoo Expo that's coming up next week. I desire to get my lip pierced but, I'm scared that it will interfere with employment. I don't see anything wrong w/ tats and piercings in the workplace. What a person wears, or what they have on their body has nothing to do with their capability to perform.

Chanel said...

Agreed Glennisha. Quick question, are you getting 4 new tats at the same time??!! Girl...u better pop 3 tylenols before you go!

Confused Luv said...

I am a piercing, but afraid of tattoos. They are forever. One day I will not chicken out!

Chanel said...

Lol Confused. Dont be scared! Ain't nothin to it but to do it! :-)