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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caution: Random Gay Rant ahead.

So it's been a few days since I posted at the Rainbow Room. I've been highly motivated over at my other space that i'll shamelessly pimp out--->> http://www.remarkablychanel.blogspot.com/ <<-- But I just haven't been struck with anything gay to write about lately. Until now. A few minutes ago I started wandering around other blogs, clicking here and there. Laughing at the hilarity of a few posts. Staring blankly at the screen at others. Then I came across a gem. Now due to the fact that i'm seriously about to shred the post to death, I will leave this woman's identity unknown...for now. (check back later. I might be led to bust her out.) This is the quote from her blog that got my mentals flowin:
I feel like it’s so easy for a gay girl to decide she wants to be straight again. I mean she has the same body parts as I do. I know I see a fine ass man and i'm dripping. What's stopping her from doing the same over MY man? I'm suppose to trust her being best friends with him just because she's gay and she's a stud? Whatever a stud is. I think not. For all I know, lesbianism is something convenient to put on when you're in between men, and easily taken off once you've found a man who is into you.

Uh huh. Where shall I begin? 1st, allow me to further explain that this post was about her not having trust for her guy friend of 10 months, and she wants help on how to gain some. So I have all kinds of problems with this.

First off, if the trust problem is with the boyfriend, why hate on the gay best friend? I'm thinkin there's a little jealousy and insecurity goin on there that she may wanna dig deep into her own closet to sort out. It's unhealthy.

Secondly, WTF is the problem? Okay now I understand that some straight women find it hard to comprehend how a woman can desire another sexy woman, and not give but three shits about an attractive man. I get it. You're not a lesbian. You're not bi. You're not even curious. (yea ok) So you wouldn't understand the biased attraction. But to believe that my sexuality is something I can discard like a wet jacket and hang up to dry until winter season comes back around is 1)insulting, 2)RUDE and 3)wrong. Yes, there are some flip floppy sometimey fickle any way the wind blow lesbians running around accidentally slippin and falling on top of penises, who give real lesbians bad reps, but come on now. Don't get it twisted. Just because she "drips" everytime she sees a cute man doesn't mean every other woman will. ESPECIALLY IF THE WOMAN IS GAY! And she might wanna get that leakage problem checked out cuz there might be something abnormal about that.

It is a wide misconception common amongst heterosexual men AND (as seen here) women that lesbians are merely confused. You know the line, "All you need is one hit of this d*ck right here and you won't be gay no mo".


It's beyond irritating to know that there are men out there who truly believe that their sex is great god almighty enough to "cure my gayness." It sucks. It really does. I hate to break it to 'em but um...helllooo I once was straight. And I once had sex exclusively with men. (many many moons ago) And im now 152% lesbian and want nothing to do with them. What the hell does that tell you? Magic stick it ain't. And to little Ms. every woman wants my man so i cant let him have a lesbian friend.... get over yourself, and do it fast. If she's gay, she don't want your dusty crusty man. (she might be checkin for you though) And if she's not gay...well hey. Maybe it's meant for you to lose him to her cuz obviously the relationship isnt that great to begin with.

I swear, the ignorance of people kills me.


glennishamorgan said...

Wow whoever wrote that shit is completely clueless and she takes herself and her man a bit too seriously.

Confused Luv said...

Wow, she has some real insecurity issues. If I like women no man is going to make me change. And sad to say he man probably ain't that good anyway.

Toni said...

Lol...this is hilarious to me bcuz u already kno how I feel about even the image of a stud wit a dude. But, excluding that from the fact that she was supposed to be talkin about her boyfriend. She's obviously dealin wit sum shit SHE don't want no body 2 no about. Lol...u feel me

whatilike said...

Yea I don't get that. They so busy worried about the lesbian friend checkin out their man they forget the LESBIAN part...if she'd check for anybody it would be YOU.
Whatever...ppl are ignorant.