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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ru Pauls Drag Race & the famous Donor List

Okay so I don't usually two-prong it but i'm choc-full of material today. First, allow me to begin with this...

Ru Paul is seriously the baddest wannabe-bitch on this side of heaven...probably on the other side too. The hair is fly (courtesy of lace fronts), the make up is banging (courtesy of MAC) and Ru's personality is unbeatable. With that said, I hope she doesn't expect to find anyone even CLOSE to filling her shoes on her new reality show, Ru Paul's Drag Race.

The show premiered last night (along with Ray Js new reality show. Check my other blog for that one.) and it will be my new must see tv. The contestants are a hot mess for the most part (excluding Akashia, Rebecca Glasscock and Shannel) and it's just gonna be pure entertainment watching them battle it out tooth and acrylic nail for the title. I, personally, already have my favorite (goooo Shannel!)...but Ru might have other things in mind.

**Scroll back up and look at that first picture...now think of some of the video hoes *ahem* I mean video artistic contribtuors running around thinkin they're the flyest things in a g-string. Now compare em side to side. Who's badder? Damn shame aint it? lol.**

Okay, moving on to less flashy news. The Prop 8 donor list is slowly but surely being revealed. Google it. Then print it, get out your highlighters and start word searching cuz I for damn sure will stop any and all interaction with any businesses that I see on there who feel as if I do not deserve to marry my girlfriend. See how much they'll be kissin my gay ass when the lgbt community goes on strike!


whatilike said...

See...I don't have Logo...dangit. Maybe I can find it online and watch it.

Oh yea, The Prop 8 donor list...I saw the beginnings of that on Pam's House Blend...that's what they get.

Sabrae Carter said...

I hear you on the prop 8!!! I only wish that my woman and i could get married!!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I want to see Drag Race! RuPaul is one bad (wannabe) broad! I love it! I'm gonna be pissy mad if that show only comes on Logo (which I don't have).

You know I love the gays. I got ya'll backs on that Prop 8 stuff. My undying support is all yours. Down w/discrimination and oppression! If you're oppressed, then so am I. *fist in the air*

Toni said...

Lol...U kno I think I'm gonna like this show better than the only season of America's Next Top Model I liked(courtesy of the lovely Eva).

Prop 8 Donors, here we comes! Talkin about, "We judt don't wanna feel threatened." Ha! Bullsh*t! They don't want to lose the benefits they receive from the LGBT community. Ring a bell anyone?!

pinkchocolatesunshine said...

i love this show!

you betta work Rupual!