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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Fab Six (aka the finest women in Hollywood)

SO I see everyone else has their 5 hottest women list posted, so I'm gonna go ahead and jump on this band wagon cuz I have nothing else better to blog about. But I have to add one more cuz I couldn't find it within my heart to leave either of these women out.

In no important order:

Sanaa Lathan epitomizes effortless beauty. And the fact that she's so low key just gives her an extra dose of sex appeal.

Halle could be spread eagle butt booty ass nekkid and still have an air of class about her that few women posess. And the best thing about her is that the older she gets, the sexier she gets. She needs to bottle her formula and sell that shit.

Love Alicia Keys. Anyone who can make playing the piano the sexiest thing ever has got to be one bad ass woman. And she's such a sweet heart.

So Perez Hilton's gay self said that Ciara has this thing about her that makes you wanna lick the tv screen whenever her videos come on. lmao. I'm not sure about all that but I get what he's saying. The way she dances, the faces she makes, her swag, it's all on point.

Ms. Angelina Jolie. Yes maam. But do you see that tat on her arm? She was at her sexiest right around the time she was with Billy Bob. That's when she was in her dont give a fuck mood, with the jet black hair and badass attitude. She always had that look in her eye like she was two minutes away from pouncing on her prey. Gotta love that. She's still a beautiful woman but she has this whole glazed over stepford wife thing going on now that I can't quite put my finger on. I guess 12 kids will do that to ya. I want raunchy, openly bisexual, rude, naughty, freaky potty mouth, borderline goth Angie back!!!

This girl is so fine I had to give her two pics. A face shot and a full body. Tocarra Jones is like the Pam Grier of the new millenium. And her latest Italia Vogue spread is beautiful beyond words.

My honorable mentions:

Eva Mendes

Salma Hayek

Charlize Theron

Lauren London


Lisa Raye

Scarlett Johannson (She's a newbie for me. I just started payin attention to her. She's kinda hot)

And there you have it.

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whatilike said...

Ciara's swag is on point, def. That "Like A Boy" vid made me pay attention...