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Monday, June 29, 2009

Presenting San Francisco Gay Pride 2009!!

Ahh...San Francisco. lol. I saw more balls and ass hair yesterday than I have in my entire life. Ew. Solange rocked it out at the main stage. There were soooo many freakin people out there and if one more person tried to squeeze past me in that tight little space, I woulda caught a case.
More Solo in her gay-friendly rainbow cat suit. Loved it. She was dancin in the crowd and the excited girl behind her is my friends daughter. She was shell-shocked like "she touched me she touched me!!".

Floats & such. I told my gf I wanna march in the parade next yr. I think she thought I was playin. lol. I'm not.

Flag flyin high. But rainbow flags on lightposts aren't uncommon in SF. That's why i love the city.

Friends, fun and pride. Good combo! I was hungover like crazy. Not a good look at all.

My beautiful girlfriend. I LOVE this picture! She jus got leid ;-)

Although my club experience on sat nite sucked (I got way too drunk and my face wound up in the toilet. Yes they took a pic and no i wont be sharing it), Sunday was pretty good. It was a beautiful day! How was everyone else's pride??


LaurynX said...

I didn't go to any prides, but I've heard mixed reviews from folks: too drunk to remember, fights at ballroom events, etc. Hopefully stonewall's 50th anniv. will be better for some of the folks, lol.

Monie said...


Wow, great pics!

I saw some of the parade on KOFY TV and you're right about the hairy booties. Lol

Did you see Kamala Harris? She was in the parade. She is so hot!

I think I would've jumped Solo if I had been there. Lmao!

Glennisha Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! You know I wish I could have saw Solo peform! Loves that chile! Anywho, it looks like you had a blast! and Funny my face hit the toilet @ NYC Pride so lol I don't feel so bad now! :-)