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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Being gay is a gift from God"

That's what the good reverend Ed Bacon said yesterday on Oprah's show, Spirituality 101. Oprah and I were both in awe like whaaaaaat? Did a clergymember really just say being gay is a gift from God? Is this a joke? Is it opposite day or sumthin? Like we were really stuck for a second. [O and I :-) ] He didn't really flesh that statement out much besides saying that being born who you are is never a mistake, but he was adamant when he said it and everyone else on the panel agreed with him. Of course my mind began to unpack that bold statement to see what kind of back up he could have possibly used to support his liberating view.

Being gay is a gift from God because:

  1. It's a natural form of population control. Two women and two men can not reproduce without any outside help. (duh) Surrogacy or surgical procedures can allow same-sex couples to experience parenthood, but for those who may not have the finances to do so, adoption is usally a go-to method. Adopting children does not add to the already ridiculous population rate, it allows a child the chance to be raised in a stable, loving environment with parents who love them. Sounds like a miracle to me.
  2. It gives everyone the chance to figure out what truly makes them happy as a person. Everything is not for everyone. Just because Sally likes Dick doesn't mean Emily will like him too. Maybe Emily is more enticed, refreshed and loved by Steffany. Whatever works for you to make your life the best it can possibly be.
  3. God doesn't make mistakes. He made each and every one of us and i'm a firm believer that we are born ASEXUAL with no tendencies towards either sex because we're compeletely innocent & void of sexuality. But when we get a little older (for some its as young as 5, for others its as old as 65.) and start experiencing the world and seeing what we like and dislike, I think our sexual orientation is a natural disposition that God instills in us and sits back to wait for us to find it, figure it out & grow comfortable with it.
  4. Gay people are fabulous. We really are some of the most creative, talented, inventive, off the cusp, quirky, detail-oriented, skilled, opinionated, passionate people on earth. I love us.

So yeah. I can see how being gay is most definitely a gift from God. Hearing this made my day yesterday & I hope others jump on this bandwagon because its definitely long overdue.


knowledge said...

What's not to agree with here. This is a great post, and I agree 100% that we are all gifts from God, it's what we choose to to with his blessings that matter in the end.

Although when it comes to religion I'm hard pressed to take the words of our current clergy as gospel, so to speak, I certainly respect their declarations of acceptance and love for all God's children regardless of sexuality. Thanks for sharing this, Chanel.

Tina-cious.com said...

I TOTALLY agree that it's nature's version of population control.


::shakin' my head::

dabrooklynites said...

Absolutely love this post.

My mother and I were watching Oprah yesterday when the statement was said... my mother gave me a funny look of disapproval. ugh.

I love your arguments, especially #3!!

I'll be sure to forward her the link, lol.


Pro's Hood said...

my girl pointed me towards this entry since she basically told me about the show on Oprah. I have mixed views on it being simply population control. I believe that its the law of life. Black white. Good bad. Girl Boy. Gay straight

i know some would then ask how bout the in between such as bisexuals? well.... black white makes biracial

so i like both means bisexual lol and thats my story and im sticking to it-val

Chanel said...

@knowledge you're welcome and i agree with u. I dont take religion or its followers very seriously either. But spiritual people who have enough sense to have acceptance, tolerance & love...i can get with that all day.

@Tina_cious lol. It is!

@Dabrooklynites Im glad u enjoyed it:-) Pls do forward the link to your mom, i hope she can get something out of it. I also hope she doesnt give me the look she gave u yesterday! lol.

Chanel said...

@Pro's Hood I'm a very black/white person to. There's not much room for gray & all things in between for me because of my all or nothin personaltiy. But when it comes to sexuality I know its a very fluid thing. And i also know theres a reason for everything. I dont think i'm gay just to be an opposite to straight women. lol. I think we serve purposes higher than what some may never understand.

Pro's Hood said...

Chanel i do agree with you and the point i was trying to make lmaooooo was that i believe that there is something of everything and it doesnt make one better then the other. Our differences is what makes us unique and wonderful in whatever shade, creed, religion, beliefs, etc....

How is it that one can believe our God who created all of these amazing things did not create me as well in all of my swirling rainbow glory lol

prettiboiblues said...

I love this line: "I think our sexual orientation is a natural disposition that God instills in us and sits back to wait for us to find it, figure it out & grow comfortable with it."

I totally agree with this. I struggled with accepting my own sexual orientation for years... well into my late 20's. And it wasn't until a began having real and honest "heart-to-heart's" with God through prayer (and A LOT of writing...lol) that I became comfortable with who He made me to be.

Great post... I'm about to forward it to several folks now!

Chanel said...

@prettiboiblues Thanks! Yeah i truly believe in that.

whatilike said...

Yep I've thought about all the above reasons before, and am a firm believer in them. It really only makes sense.