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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bigger & Better

Good morning & happy Monday! Inspite of it being Monday, it is a beyoutiful day out here in Cali and i'm in a refreshingly good mood. If I can make this last thruout the week i'll be good to go!

So I've been thinking about this blog, and my writing interests and where I wanna go from here. The Rainbow Room has truly turned into something I thoroughly enjoy keeping up and I love the fact that I learn so much by expressing my thoughts and soaking in all of the responses. I brought it up to my gf that since I already own a domain name (blurbsandverbs.com) but haven't done anything with it yet, maybe i'll port this blog over there and throw in a few extra things to make it a more interactive lesbian-geared site. My mind is overflowing with ideas so we'll see what comes of it. I'll keep you updated.

Pride is in the air!

I always get excited around this time of yr because it's all about US and we know how to do big things when the spotlight is turned our way. Despite the ass-backwardness that is Prop 8, I think San Francisco will be on fire this pride season. Not many places top the electricity that runs through the city during pride. Although i'm partial to Atlanta pride (the clubs are HOT), I will say it's still not as vibrant & happy/carefree as SF. I need a dose of vibrance & carefreeness (is that a word?) in my life right now, so i'm excited about doing pride at home this year. I plan on hitting up the parade, the castro, the after-parties and i'll pretty much be drunk the entire weekend. Good times for all! What will u be doing and which pride celebration are you attending?


Monie said...


When I first moved to the Bay Area I lived in SF and I used to hang with a lot of White lesbians. So I was into Pride and went to the parade and all that. But since I've moved to the East Bay and I'm not hanging with that crew anymore I really haven't been into Pride in a while. I think I'm gonna just hang with my gf at home on Pride weekend.

Also isn't there a Black Pride in Oakland later in the Summer?

Chanel said...

Hey Monie, nice hearing from u :-) Chilin at hm with gf works too. I havent done SF pride in a while because i'm typically in Oakland or outta state. Black pride in Oak is in aug i believe (dnt quote me on that). But u know, its nuthin all that great 4 me. I went a few yrs ago and was kinda bored.

Fab Fierce Femme said...

hey there lady,
I'm soo happy that you're going to have a BLAST at pride. This is the first year in a longggg time that I will not be attending SF pride. My girl and I decided she would fly to LA and we would have a nice relaxing weekend together...have a great time! My fave is always the dyke march. So hit that up!


curiouslovechild said...

Heyy, VA has an "Out in the Park" every summer, and it's at the end of the month. I will definitely be there. I would love to go to DC or ATL pride one day.