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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sex & stuff

Happy Monday! I dont say that often so enjoy it!! I've been awfully quiet lately, had way too much stuff on my mind and couldnt quite steady myself enough to post. But, i'm back and i'd like to talk about sex. Big shock there.

I just read a post that left me a little confused. A guy wrote about a sexual encounter he had with a young lady that left him utterly disgusted yet unbelievably turned on at the same time. *blank stare* I don't quite understand that. Maybe it's just me but if i'm disgusted by someone or something, I don't think I can have sex at that moment. He went on to discuss how she wasnt necessarily a disgusting person, but the things she was doing to him made him loathe her and look at her like a nasty trollop...but he couldn't stop. *another blank stare* Is this normal? lol. Like how on one hand are you thinking "This nasty dirty bitch! Look at her takin it in like a whore, she makes me sick!" But you keep goin at it??? Um. No.

I jus found this to be a little wierd. Maybe its just me...

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