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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So who Downelinks?

Downelink= Myspace for gay people. (although 70% of Myspace is gay in my opinion) I use to have a DL page. Kinda high profile, lots of friends (you kno that ridiculous # of people that looks good on the page but you only speak to maybe 10 of them so it's really a waste of time accepting them) I blogged religiously on there and thats where I attracted most of my attention, throw in a sarcastic sense of humor, a smart mouth, some cute pics and good poetry and it was on. lol. I admit to being a DL junkie for the greater portion of 2007. It became too much for my relationship, I was on there so damn much and talking to people who I shouldnt have been talking to cuz they served no purpose besides trouble. So yeah, had to let that go. It was fun & games while it lasted but I prefer for my relationship to last longer than my DL profile.

Who else has or had a DL page? Is it still any good or have they sucked all the funness (is that a word?) out of it by trying to copy off of Facebook? Have u ever had to ban yourself from DL or any other social networking site?


pinkchocolatesunshine said...

im not on DL...just couldn't get into it. both my gf and I have myspace and it has caused its fair share of trouble. im still on myspace...but not like i used to be.

Fab Fierce Femme said...

Hey C,
I used to DL, now I'm on My Space, Facebook and Twitter. Don't really keep up with my MySpace..like Facebook and Twitter MUCH better.


curiouslovechild said...

I've been on DL since like '07. I think that was my year too. I met a couple of good friends off of that site, so I don't regret it. Frequency of logging in has gone down however...Facebook has always been my number one though.

Meshia said...

I'm on DL. I had the account mainly because I was a House Mother. But now that I'm not one anymore I don't really see a reason to log on. It was really a tool for communicating especially since a cellphone wasn't in the picture. I blogged on there too but not as often.

glennishamorgan said...

I have one. A few friends told me about it. So I said what the hell but, honestly it's BORING. I barely go on there. Honestly, I just hope to get a few visits to my blog from it.

whatilike said...

I have DL...it's lame to me right now. Though I've only been on it since Jan. You're right about blogs attracting attention. Otherwise I'm the one requesting ppl all the time. I like twitter better. Ppl on DL seem to be afraid of convo. :/