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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LGBT stereotypes that should die a slow death

Our society thrives off stereotypes. When one person does something, we tend to believe that one single person represents everyone who may look, act or sound remotely like him/her. It's called over-generalizing and it's rude. But hey, what can we do besides not buy into the stereotypes ourselves and try hard to shatter the walls. Here a few that piss me off:

* All lesbians hate men. Really? Well that's funny seeing as how my father is a man and I love him to death and back. I have no problems with men in general as long as they respect the fact that I want nothing to do with them intimately.

* Fems aren't really lesbians & all we need is some good d*ck in our lives. Yawn. Had some before. You see where I am now. Enough said.

*All studs want to be men. Now there are some masculine identified women who completely rebuke the idea of their womanhood. But not all studs are this extreme. My gf is a stud and loves being a WOMAN who loves WOMEN.

*Lesbian relationships never last long enough to mean anything. I'm working on 5 yrs and it means the world to me. My longest relationship EVER, so that stereotype is dispelled.

*Just because i'm a lesbian means I want YOU. Chances are I don't. I'm not attracted to ALL women. Far from it. Im choosy and just because i like women in general doesn't mean I want to turn every single woman in the world out.

There are many more, give me yours!


pinkchocolatesunshine said...

i second everything you listed. i can't think of any right now, but when i do i will be back to post them. #2 and #5 are sooooo true!

Monie said...


I hate the studs want to be men stereotype. My gf is a soft stud who def doesn't want to be a man.

People confuse studs with people who have gender issues. Even some lesbians think that way which is really sad.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Great post! I've never believed any of this stuff. I mean really...how could it be true? I mean, to an intelligent person, that is. Especially the last point.

glennishamorgan said...

And let the church say Amen!!!!

whatilike said...

"Gender issues"... Sigh.

I hate that ppl get so ignorant about studs and think they "want to be men"...and if they did? So the fuck what? There's nothing wrong with being a trans person.

And yea, I've heard all of the above before too.

LL AJ said...

What would I do to get three and four on a t-shirt? People swear by those! Thanks for posting!

breastswildasblkwaves said...

Thank you Lauryn! That's exactly the point I was about to make.