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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why are you gay? (everyone else asks, why not ask yourself?)

After all my years of having same sex attraction (since like, um preschool) , and the past 6 years of engaging in strictly lesbian relations (Just say no to penis!) I don't think i've ever really asked myself why am I gay. If I have, I must have been drunk cuz I don't remember it at all. I've had friends ask me. I think my mom asked me once, but I could be mistaking that with the time that she declared that i'm not really gay (No honey, you're not gay. It's just a phase. You'll see the light soon.) Either way, i've never really analyzed the situation myself. It just is and I just am. So I'm gonna go for a first here, and examine the possible reasons why I am gayer than Clay Aiken in a tutu at a bar in the Castro.

1. The most obvious reason is that women are just sexy as hell. Everything about them (us). From the thick thighs to the curved hips and beyond....just beautiful. Why would I rather wake up next to:

When I can wake up next to:

(Yes she's my girlfriend and no you can't watch ;)

2. Men and I never fully clicked. I mean, i've been in a couple fairly serious relationships with men but something was always missing. That emotional bond that allowed me to drop all barriers and just be me. That never ever happened with the opposite sex.

3. I've been in a couple bad situations with men that helped turn me wayyyyy off to their cause. Not gonna get into all of that here, but just know I have a damn good reason.

4. The sex is better. With women. Much better. Much much much better. Not saying that I had bad sex with men. Cuz for the most part, I didn't. But I didn't know S.E.X until I had it with a woman.

5. I kept getting hit on by random women and never quite understood it, but the thoughts and fantasies kept getting better and better until I couldn't resist the temptation anymore.

6. The little girl named Priscilla in my preschool class loved to play house with me :-) Nothing happened you perverts, but it definitely got me use to the idea...

7. Sustenance, satisfaction, stability, pleasure, true love, loyalty and commitment. All things i've found in one woman that I never found in one man.

8. Watching The Spice channel when I was too young to even know what was really going on. But I knew.

9. Because it just feels right.

10. Because I love who I am since I fell in love with Her:

Yeah that about sums it up for me. Care to share why you're so gay?


curiouslovechild said...

Reasons Why I'm a Lesbian (or at least a Bisexual):

1. Since my high school days, I found myself looking at girls longer than I should have. You know how you look at someone in passing and there's that split-second analysis? I think I analyzed a second too many. Back then, I had no idea of that growing desire...

2. (adding on to the first reason) I love how pretty some girls are. Straight girls say that a girl is pretty all the time. I think I said it more than most. And something about exotic chicks just gets me hyped.

3. (I'm biased at the moment) Sex with girls is pretty damn awesome. I mean, when you're with someone like you (same gender, perhaps same body type), you know what feels good naturally.

4. I think dancing with girls (or gay guys) is better. I feel that there's more of a variety besides grinding and humping until dude gets a discreet nut. I'm more comfortable with going with the flow as opposed to sticking my booty up in the air.

I could go on, but these are probably the main reasons why I may transition into a lesbian after these experimental college days.

Chanel said...

Oh i totally agree with you on the last one. I can't stand dancing with men which is why i no longer go to straight clubs. I feel molested and banged up and bruised after being poked in the ass and back repeatedly by some big ole over hyped man who expects me to do all of the work.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm not gay, but I absolutely love gay people. And especially gay, proud and out people. You guys are happy,strong, resilient, etc. You exemplify qualities that all people, no matter who they enjoy sexing, should strive for.

Keep doing you, babe. I love it!

Ray of Sunshine said...

I feel you on all numbers, but especially on #4 and #7. I believe that being homosexual is a God-given blessing and needs no explanation, it just is. No one really questions heteros, so I really don't think we should lend time questioning ourselves, but for the sake of answering your question, I do understand.

I always knew I was attracted to other females from as far back as preschool (where I had my first sexual encounter with a girl in class at naptime). It felt natural to me, but I just couldn't put a word to it (I mean, who could, lol, I was only 4 years old). Even when I was like 12 or so I remember telling my mother that when I grew up, I was going to marry a woman. Of course, coming from a Baptist background, that was a no-no, but I've been with my honey for over 12 years now, so go figure. It's not something that a person picks and chooses, but an orientation that is so deeply entrenched that is impossible to change, so I figure, why should we. I love being a lesbian and wouldn't trade it for all the riches in the world.

Btw.....I love your pic! You two are so cute together. It's like a match made in lesbian heaven, lol. ;)

Chanel said...

Pretty Brown Girl- Thanks hun! We need all the support we can get :-)

Ray of Sunshine- U hit it right on the head. No one should have to explain their orientation, i wholeheartedly agree. And 12 yrs! That's a beautiful thing. We r going on 4 :-) Thanks for the love.

Jess said...

Hey there Chanel :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thats a great pic of you and your gf!

Toni said...

Who the hell kno's...Lol...U kno I don't think about anything like anyone else does, so I won't ramble...but definately I don't believe that it's a choice...although people who are gay today and straight tonight or tomorrow strike me as odd, but hey, to each his/her own i guess.

Lol...but definately I click romantically better wit women than men, obviously, but I must admit, men are a helluva lot less drama...they make great associates...so u can just kick 'em out when they start irritatin u and they won't be mad. Then again, I wouldn't be fuckin 'em either, so that probably makes a difference. Lol

whatilike said...

I ask myself all the time how I could be gay and not realize it until I was 19. ...How can you be feelin' only dudes for the first 20years of your life, then all of a sudden see one chick and everything that didn't feel right about your life just suddenly ::clicks:: and falls into place.
The conundrum of a lifetime I tell you.

Shawn said...

and I thought I was the only one watching the Spice Channel back in the day...LMAO