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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rick Warren....boooooooooooooo

I hate to talk about him. I really do, because I do not like the man. I didn't like him before he was announced as the prayer-giver at Obama's innauguration, and I for damn sure don't like him now. BUT, seeing as how he has infiltrated my televsion and my computer screen, and because it's a gay issue...i'll give my forty-two cents on the matter. But this won't be a long post. Trust me, i'm almost done now.

This quote from Rick sums everything up for me, "This [Gay Marriage] is not even just a Christian issue. It’s a humanitarian and human issue"

Gays have been saying that our right to marry is a humanitarian/civil rights issue for the longest now. I am human, at least I was the last time I checked. I am a citizen of this country. I am due my civil liberties because I work and pay obscene amounts of taxes every month. So why is Warren trying to flip humanitarianism and use it for his argument against gay marriage? Because Rick Warren is an idiot.

I'd like to edit his quote a little because I do not believe gay marriage to be a Christian issue at all. Not all gays who wish to be married are Christians. Not all Christians care about whether or not gays can marry. So no, it's not a Christian issue. It's a hipocritical issue. Rick Warren and every other opposer of gay marriage in the name of religious values are big fat hipocrites. Let me know what you would call someone who professes love for everyone but in the same breath, is judging and condemning me straight to hell solely because of who I am in love with? A hipocrite. And now this man...the man who can never seem to be able to mention the word GAY without mentioning AIDS shortly thereafter...will once again be on my TV on the morning of Jan. 20 to say a prayer at the most historical innauguration I will probably ever live to see. Now I know God has to hear all prayers. But my mute button will be in full-effect that morning. I can and will say my own prayer for the new First Family, for this country, and for myself and those I love. And if i'm feeling particularly good, I might say a prayer for Rick too. I said might.

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