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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Post...where's the liquor???!!!

Okay so here's the deal, i'm a little lazy today and I don't necessarily want to post my intro in long paragraphs so i'm opting for bullet format. Read and remember what you want, skip and forget all else. Love :-)

* Who (am I): Chanel. Not # 5, not Cocoa. Just Chanel. Yes, it's on my birth certificate.

* What (am I): A lover, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a poet, a student, and slightly warped in a sexy kinda way.

* Where (am I): Guess i'll be around here for awhile. I can also be found at www.remarkablychanel.blogspot.com, or www.blurbsandverbs.blogspot.com OH! and at www.ibleedpoetry.blogspot.com. Yeah yeah i'm hogging up all the blogger space.

*When (do I post): I'll try to post here and on my other blogs daily. Sue me if I don't.

*Why (am I): writing this blog? Because there seems to be a lack of color around here and i'm painting the place in shades of the rainbow. Care to join me?


Ray of Sunshine said...

I totally agree with you because I've been 'chasing the rainbow' for like ever on this site, lol.

Great intro, Chanel! I found your blog on someone else's and decided to follow it, hope ya don't mind. ;-) Please don't hesitate to visit my blog from time to time either.


Chanel said...

Ray- Of course I don't mind! I'm glad you clicked and came over :-)