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Friday, January 9, 2009

Who are you calling a dyke?


I can not say it enough times. I DO NOT LIKE THIS WORD. I hate it. It's an ugly, harsh, degrading, offensive word that is the sound equivalent of getting punched in the throat. Did i mention that I hate it? So it is to my horror that so many lesbians havve adopted this term and use it on a daily basis to describe themselves.

"Yea i'm a dyke."

"We're all dykes here!"

"How many of us dykes are goin out tonight?"

Oh my god, no. The person who goes out on that limb and refers to ME as a dyke hopefully took a noose with them because that is a fighting word. I have heard it explained by a few women who like the term, claiming that it gives them a sense of empowerment when they use it. They say they have stripped it of its degrading meaning and given it a newfound definition of strength. I just can't seem to see the light. To me, calling me a dyke is like calling me a bitch, or a nigger and claiming it to be a term of endearment. There's nothing endearing or cute about it! It's just rude.



Ray of Sunshine said...

I feel ya on this! I agree that it is such a degrading term and not one of endearment. There are several hundreds, probably thousands of women who use it interchangeably with the word 'lesbian', but personally I find it just as offense as you. The word has taken on somewhat of a positive and powerful connotation just as the words 'nigga' and 'gay'. So many people use the statement "that's so gay" and I loathe it just as much as I loathe the term 'dyke'. When are people ever gonna learn how much a single word can stir so many negative emotions and simply stop the madness??? Great points!


Sabrae Carter said...

I've never really thought of the term to much.. No one has ever called me that before. I just say 'I'm Gay' lol But I can see where you are coming from on it

Chanel said...

Thank you for the comments!

Ray- Yeah i will never understand how the word has taken on this positive light all of a sudden, but it has. It's crazy! lol

Sabrae- I had a straight friend of mine who was jus running off at the mouth, talking about some random topic or another, and she said something about having a dyke friend and i was like whoooa. What!?? Who is your dyke friend? And she was talking about me! lolll. I had to straighten that up real quick. Other than that slight mishap, i've never been called one either.

curiouslovechild said...

I think we're the only country who can turn degrading terms into endearing ones. Personally, I don't refer to myself as any of those names anyway. People are going to keep saying it as long as other people don't take offense of it.

P.S. Thanks for the blog love.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm not even gay and it always just SOUNDED rude to me. I don't blame you for not liking the term. It just doesn't feel good at all.

small town dyke said...

Well I am one of those who has claimed the word as my own. I do feel that by using it I take the negativity out of it. That is not to say that I don' want to slap certain people when they use it. I just take that time to educate.

Shawn said...

dyke. bulldager. bulldyke. carpet muncher. bean flicker. muff diver. All of these are negative and derogatory terms used to describe lesbians and its been going on for a hell of a long time. I hate all these terms, but I am not offended by them. Truth be told, we (gay people) could be doing a hell of a lot worse...At least homosexuality isnt still considered a mental disorder anymore