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Monday, January 26, 2009

See what being a homophobe will get you?

"Two months before dying, a Virginia woman confessed to killing two women nearly 42 years ago."

That alone sounds like a plot for a great Lifetime movie. But it gets better.

"She shot the women because they had taunted her for being a lesbian."

Okay now pump the brakes. Before I really start dissecting this, go have a read yourself to get the full scope of how crazy this is:

If you're too lazy to read the actual article, i'm sure you'll get the point by the end of this blog.

So it all started with an 18 year old lesbian ice cream shoppe waitress who wanted only to scoop out her ice cream, make her $1.24 an hr (if that much) and go on about her business. But two of her co-workers (also young women) just wouldn't let her be. Sharron (that's the lezzie ice cream chick) claims that her co workers, Constance and Caroyln, picked on her constantly for being gay. You know how teenagers can be. They teased and ridiculed her and made her cry in the bucket of cookies and cream every day. (Ok, i'll stop, because this really isn't meant to be funny)

Anyway, so on a late afternoon in 1967, Sharron walked into the ice cream shop to tell Constance and Carolyn that she would not be working the next day. C & C started heckling her about it, pointing out the fact that she's gayer than apple pie. (What that has to do with anything, I don't know) And Sharron, caught up in the moment, growing more and more pissed at being laughed at because of her sexuality, reached into her purse, whipped out a .25 caliber pistol and blasted both of the women. There went the French Vanilla sundae delight.

Fastforward to November 2008 and Shoot em up Sally is now old as dirt and laying on her death bed due to failing kidneys and heart problems. She knows she's about to die and probably wont ever spend two minutes behind bars, so she spills her guts about killing the Mean Girls in an interview. The FBI opened the 42 yr old investigation and began pieceing together the dusty puzzle and strangely enough, it all began to make sense. Sharron (Shoot em up), died in January of 2009, and like I said, never even saw the vicinity of a prison.

Now, I have a few questions here. First of all, it was 1967 in Virgina. Not 1997 in Compton. Why in the hell was Sharron carrying around a .25 caliber with her anyway? She claimed that she decided to toss it into her purse as she was leaving her house. Hmmmm. That's not one of those things you do on a whim. You randomly think about tossing an umbrella in your purse. Or a condom maybe. Not a damn gun. And my second question is, why in the world couldn't she shut those two birds up without a weapon? She could've even knocked em both in the head with a spoon and kept on about her business if she just had to use something besides her hands. And my third question is what in the hell was wrong with Carolyn and Constance? They needed to seriously get a life and mind their own damn business. I know homosexuality wasn't the thing to do back in the 60s but if they think that Sharron was the only lesbian within their vicinity, they had another thing comin. They were both probably closet cases anyway. I swear, people don't think about the cconsequences behind things they do or say. And in this case, their mouths and insensitivity of someone's privacy got them into a mess of trouble.

I do not condone Sharron's erratic behavior. It was cold-hearted, evil, psychotic, and just plain wrong. Someone who can be pushed to the edge that easily by people teasing them probably could have been served well by having a psychiatrist, so I blame her family for not paying attention to her state of mind also. I think she should have been found out in enough time for her to serve a lengthy sentence so she would know that what she did was NOT okay.

BUT...let this be a lesson learned to all the homophobic bigots who feel comfortable poppin off at the mouth, disrespecting and degrading others who may be different from you...please be forewarned that you never know who you are messing with until it's too late, so you might be better off just shutting the hell up and minding your own business.

*Big thank you to PrettyBrownGirl for the blog topic :-)


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Great break down!

And you're right, you DON'T know how crazy anybody is on "Any Given Sundae" (sorry, couldn't resist!), so be careful how you mess w/folks.

I'll gladly send you anymore interesting LGBT type articles I come across! :)

Sabrae Carter said...

Wow! I think that I would have kept my mouth shut about it... but yea it's something to think about when we judge or make fun of others

Toni said...

Lol...well, this article was funny, but not really. I mean, that woman knew exactly what she was doin when she put that gun in her purse. She was smarter then people probably would've given her credit for.( O, and u don't randomly throw an umbrella or a condom in your purse either...u need each for sumthin.Lol...and the person kno's exactly wut.) Anywhoo...

It is unfortunate that "Shoot 'em up" wasn't able to bring them up to her level, and instead chose to sink even lower than them. I hope she got the peace she was lookin 4 before passin over