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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The L Word = A sad state of affairs.

This isn't easy for me. I've been an L Word junkie since day one. I was there when Jenny first moved in and spied on her neighbors having sex in the pool and then magically became gay herself. I was there and ELATED when Dana and Alice had their first kiss. I was there when Kit walked in on her business partner fondling her prosthetic penis in the mirror. I was there as Shane went down on every woman in Los Angeles and never seemed to end up at the clinic. Hmmm. Yes I have been there since January 2004. And it hurts my heart to the core to break down and say that this show is quickly deteriorating into a pile of garbage.

The writing has never been A+ quality work any way. Something has always been a tad bit off with the plot line and the character development. But the fact that a show geared towards professional lesbians in Cali was an option for me to tune into every sunday, I fell in love. And I became invested in the hot mess of Tibette (that's Tina & Bette for you slowbies), and I grew to adore the quick-witted quirkiness of Alice (the best character on the show if u ask me), and Dana **tear** ohhh Dana, I cried when she died. And where the hell is Carmen? Her sexy ass.

These ladies truly became a staple of my meager televison show addiction and the ONLY reason why Showtime is subscribed to. Trust me, after this last season, Showtime is AXED. So please explain to me why the writers have decided to end the last season with a damn guessing game of who killed Jenny!?? I did, shit. There. Game over. I didn't like her anyway. She's over dramatic, self-centered and rude. Yes. She sounds a little bit like myself but at least I have the talent to back it up. And at least i'm not stabbing my friends in the back and ruining everyone's lives in the process. It's best that Jenny was hacked off but why is the last season devoted to her? It's ridiculous. I swear, if every single episode revolves around her, the season might end a lot sooner for me.

I hear there's gonna be a Spin-Off. Alice in Lesboland or something like that. (Not the real name of the show so don't go googling it) I'm not too sure what it's gonna be about yet but hopefully it will live up to Alice Piezecki's charm and humor. But until then, I have my own suggestion for a show....

Title: Vortex
Channel: LOGO. Screw Showtime.
Plot: 8 random women are moved into a house. 7 out of 8 of the women are honest to god, card carrying lesbians. The other woman is a poser and does a hell of a job at playing the role. The viewers at home nor the other houesmates know which of their roomies is the fake and whichever person can successfully out the straight woman wins the cash prize. Of course cat fights, hook ups and careflly crafted challenges unfold as well.
Purpose: Not all that glitters is gold and even if it walks like a lez, talks like a lez and kisses like a lez, u may be judging a book by its cover and putting the cart before the horse while hatching your eggs before the chicken lays em.

lol. What do u think? Would you watch it?


Ray of Sunshine said...

The spinoff sounds like it's going to be full of drama, but nothing can compare to the L Word. I happen to be more of a fan of the recent shows dating back to maybe like the past 2 or 3 seasons when they brought Tasha in as Alice's girlfriend. To know that it's the last season kind of saddens me as I was just really getting deeper into it, but I guess everything good has to eventually come to an end just like Queer As Folk. Gosh, I hated when that series ended. Well, let's see what the spinoff has to offer.


Chanel said...

Tasha was a great addition to the show. She's cute and funny in her own special way and i LOVE her laugh. My only problem goes back to the writing again. I dont care for the direction they are taking her character in. All of a sudden she starts blowing off Alice for her black friends from around the way? For what? Why can't she know how to balance both her friendships and her relationship that was once important enough for her to go AWOL? And where did these friends come from anyway? lol. It's just a trip.

Ray of Sunshine said...

LOL...yea, lol, you definitely have a point there, lol. I guess it does go back to the script. What a way to introduce new characters, huh?!?! One day Tasha's all over the idea of concealing her true identity all in the name of serving her country, then the next she's giving up that 'life' for the sake of her girlfriend who she ended up not really being with in the end.....weird, huh, lol?!?!


curiouslovechild said...


I'm looking forward to the Alice spinoff. Everyone loves her, so it should be a hit.

I'm behind on my l word fix. I own the first two seasons and have seen a few random ep's from seasons 4 and 5. I'm sure I can find 'em somewhere online.

curiouslovechild said...

And yes, I'd watch you reality show ^_^

Chanel said...

Okay that's it i'm gonna pitch the show to LOGO and see what happens. I already have 2 peopoe that would watch! :-) lol. Thanks Curious. And yeah u can find those L Word DVDs on amazon for a semi-decent price.

miss-b. said...

i have to get the seasons on DVD. i've heard so many good things about it but i don't have Showtime! i'm a MAX and now HBO head =/

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

"So please explain to me why the writers have decided to end the last season with a damn guessing game of who killed Jenny!?? I did, shit. There. Game over. I didn't like her anyway"

Girl! Stop playing! That was funny as hell! LMAO!!

I used to love "L Word" when I had Showtime. I need to get the DVDs on Netflix and see how things turned out. I don't remember seeing anything after Dana died *tears...I cried a lil bit too* "Tibette" was a mess! LOL!

As for your show idea "Vortex", I'd be sooo hooked! You should pitch it!