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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I jus can't get enough of stud/fem couples *swoon*

So it's not a secret at all how much i love studs. They're it for me. Well, actually only one stud is IT for me, but i'm jus sayin. I love the fem/stud relationship dynamic. Something about a feisty, shit-talking, sweet-smelling, lip-gloss wearin femme and a laid-back, dressed-to-kill, sneakers OR dress shoe wearin, smooth-talkin "i got this, babe" stud....mmmmm. Loves it. Not throwin any shade at all to my femme/femme, stud/stud or lableless couples out there. I see yall :-) I jus have a soft spot for stud/femme love. So let's celebrate it!!!!

Last three pics courtesy of : Black is Beautiful, Gay is Good


Lavender said...

Thanks for posting these pics. I also love stud-femme couples but there are hardly any photoblogs about them (especially african-american ones). Sooooo..... could you post some more please?

Lauren_xFF said...

I haven't commented in forever on your blog. You kinda dropped off the face of the twitter-verse. Glad you're still blogging.

Chanel said...

@Lavender, thank you! I love them too :-) As I find more pics, i'll do other posts.

@Lauren girl it has been forever! I just started blogging regularly again. Have a LOT goin on. But it feels good to be back.

Anonymous said...

I'am a sexy stud and gay is where its at