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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do Ask and I Might Tell

And this is just about the hottest picture of Kelly Rowland ever.

Don't Ask Don't Tell is a thing of the shady bigoted homophobic past!! Woooooo! We all know by now that on Dec 18 with a vote of 65 to 31 [31 people still suck] the ban on openly gay servicemembers has finally been repealed, and yes, it was done under the Obama administration. So suck it, bitches. Yeah yeah, I know he needs to do wayyyy more than that to get re-elected in 2012, but uh this is kinda a big deal.

I never quite understood the law anyway. I mean seriously. Did anyone really think NO ONE in the military was gay? Even if u dont ask, they're still gettin it on! SO what's the big damn deal? And not to mention, the name of the stupid law is just rude. DONT ASK DONT TELL. Well okay. But what if I wanna tell you anyway even if you never asked? Or what if you break the law and ask, but I call you a nosey bastard and don't wanna tell?? I still get in trouble!!? smh. It was just all wrong. But it's a done deal now. I wonder how many gays and lesbians are gonna start wearing rainbow bandanas under their helmets. I would...

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