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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cellphones = DRAMA. Nuff said.

No one can stay drama free forever. It's virtually impossible unless you live isolated in a igloo somewhere, and even then you'll have drama cuz it's cold as shit and you'll freeze your ass off. But let me tell you this, and i'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet- if you are in a relationship and you don't know how to act, you're cell phone WILL get you in trouble. Let me break down "not knowin how to act":

- if you have a significant other and you feel the need to send 58678394 text messages every day to someone else BESIDES that significant other...you dont know how to act.

-if you have a significant other and you wait for her to leave the house so you can talk to the NEXT chick on the phone...you don't know how to act.

-if you have a significant other and you cant put the damn cell phone down for a day in fear of missing something...you dont know how to act.

- if you have a significant other and you have mini seizures on the inside everytime she touches or even breathes near your phone...you don't know how to act.

-if you have a significant other and your phone is goin off past midnite from females who ARENT family members or who at least arent dying... you don't know how to act.

There are more but i'm tired and this subject has thoroughly frustrated me for the night so im through. Get it together ladies. Most of us are too old for the bullshit and games. Please know that cell phones = drama so if you're triflin, play it safe and do your shit in PERSON. Cuz if u use the cell, you will get caught. Point blank period.

I need a drink.


Glennisha Morgan said...

LMAO! i Just died laughing @ having a seizure if your significant other breathes near your phone....SMH!

@laura_luna said...

Ummmm let me see...you are SOOO RIGHT! Last two ex's got caught cuz of their CELL PHONES. Enuf said.

Anonymous said...

Smh. This is the truth. Wtf did people do before cell phones came out?! I feel like they're addictions for so many people and my girlfriend is well on her way to being left because of it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm I think whats done on cell phones should stay between the cell phone owner and whoever they are talking or texting to. People geet so caught up in figuring out whats being said that it drives you crazy! If you dig deep enough you'll always find something.

Chanel said...

@glennisha lol. Seriously tho.

@luna yep. Cell phones will most definitely make a current an ex overnite.

@anonymous see above.

@anonymous #2 spoken jus like someone who is using their phone for no damn good. If there wasn't anything to trip off of then I wouldn't give a shit less about what u do on your phone. Not you as in YOU. Lol. U get what I'm sayin. I've been on boh sides of that fence and its jus not worth it. Simply put, if none of what I listed is going on, then their shouldn't be a problem. If there is a problem and u r doin any of the things I posted...then you need to deal with the drama that comes along with it.