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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I won an award!! *tear*

I do believe this is the very first award my blog has ever won! My blog award cherry has been obliterated. I's grown nah!!! *dancin* =-)

Thank you to RoByn Latice over at Life, Love, Sex & All That Jazz for gifting me! Now as I hear, the rules of this award are that now i gotta list 7 things that i love and pass the award on to the next hot blogger. Let's see if i can make that happen.

Se7en Things i <3

* Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream- it's almost orgasmic. The choclatey brownies & cookie dough packed in swirls of vanilla and chocolate ice cream....mmmmmmmmmMMMM!

* Blogging/journaling/fiction & poetry writing- Of course. I'm a writer. It's in my blood.

* Getting my nails done- I'm a girly girl. Sue me.
* Atlanta- Lived there for a few yrs in college and absolutely fell in love with the city. Hope to move back one day.

* Music- My 1st love. My Ipod Touch is my best friend in the entire universe.

* Tattoos- I'm so addicted. I have four and i'm planning about four more. The pain & the pleasure of it all is craaazy.

* Purses- Ok so most women have a shoe fetish. I couldn't give two hells less about some damn shoes. But my purses??? Whew chile. Yes lord. My closet over-runneth.

So that's a few of the things I love. Y'all see I purposely left out how much i love my damn self. I could go on and on about that, so i spared u =-) Merry Christmas!!!

Now let's see who to give this award to...I truly enjoy so many blogs it's gonna be a task and a half to single one out. But ummm i'm gonna go ahead and give this one to my blog buddy over at My Affinity. Go check her out. The writing skills are lovely. Thanks again for the award RoByn!


Fab Fierce Femme said...

Congrats my dear! Well deserved!

Foxy Brown said...

congrats. i went to college in atl. which one did you go to and when? i was at cau from 2001-2005.

RoByn LaTice said...

lol...no problem! :)! And I have a purse fetish as well as the shoe fetish. :)! Ben & Jerry's *Coffee* Ice cream...Mmm! & I have a love for tattoos as well! I only hv 2 now but I want at least 4 more!

Chanel said...

Thanks Ms Fab Fierce ;-)

Foxy, girl we were there the same time! I was at CAU from 01 - 03.

RoByn...i've never had their coffee ice cream but im sure its delish. And yessss tattoos are the BIZness.

Foxy Brown said...

shut up! damn, it's a small world. that's too funny. i love hats and shoes. my b&j fav is chunky monkey!

Foxy Brown said...

i forgot to add, i lived in bumstead hall 01-02. i was a political science major. i was quite the nerd in undergrad. i am a gamma sig, crossed spring 2k3.

Lady K said...

Congrats!!!! I love your writing. And it is a small world ladies. I was at CAU 02-03!!! I absolutley love Atl it is my home away from home, I plan to go back for battle of the bands in a couple of weeks, it will be my first time attending so I get to see what all the hype is about!

Chanel said...

@Lady K wow! Looks like CAU is reppin hard over here! Thanks for stoppin by and taking the time to comment.I just read your post about bisexual women and I really wanted to comment but their was no link to do so. It could be my blkberry jus acting up. I'll try again from my pc.