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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Okay, so Bey isn't gay but many call her a gay icon and i'd have to agree since 94.5% of her dance routines are birthed in the depths of some sweaty gay night club sooo....yeah. That's why i'm posting this here. lol.

With that said, FINALLY a mini Bedazzled Diva, or a mini Don Hov will grace the world with his or her royal presence in about 7-8 months. So that puts the miraculous day riiiight around April or May of 2012. I approve. Bey knew PRECISELY what she was doin. I know because that's precisely what I plan on doing. Get pregnant towards the end of summer when it's a bit cooler so i wont have to be both ridiculously huge AND hot...the bulk of her pregnancy will be during the winter and fall, leading into a cool breezy spring birth. Beyonce is noone's fool! She said fuck all of yall tryin to pressure her into havin 4875 babies when YALL were ready. She knew WHAT she wanted WHEN she wanted and now she's about to have it. Im truly happy for Mr & Mrs. Carter.

And the WAY she announced it!!! Who else gets to just totally interrupt the MTV Video Music Awards with a baby announcement and subsequently stop anyone from giving a hell about ANYthing else that occurs AFTER that announcement?? Beyonce Gisselle Knowles. That's who! Y'all better take notes. Who is gonna pause life when YOU announce your pregnancy? *crickets* mm hmmm. lol. Oh well.

Bets on how many weeks it takes her after she has the baby until she's back into a sequined onesie and 8 inch heels......O_o

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much2inspired said...

I would have to agree that although she is not gay, she has gay glitter floating all through her outfits, dance routines and videos. She's certainly a gay icon in the eyes of man!

I give her about 7 weeks before she is back in those killer heels.

Good Post.