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Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm gay so i have to settle.

I was on the train the other day and I overheard [basically I was earhustling on] a woman and her 2 male friends having a coversation about the current dating scene. Typically, these types of convos are great for entertainment because everyone thinks they're Dr. Phil when everyone is seriously just as confused as the next person. So yeah, comedy. But I didn't do much laughing at this conversation once the woman made this comment:

"Well i kinda gave up on finding the woman of my dreams years ago
once i realized that my standards had to drop below subpar when i started dating women."


Really? And she said it with a dead straight face and a somber tone. Like that shit made her instantly depressed deep down in her bones. But for why? I dont understand. Someone explain to me why random woman would feel like this??

I'm about as lesbian as one can get. You might not be able to tell it by looking at me [you know ppl swear up and down that all lesbians must be masculine identified in order to be REAL lesbians *sigh*]
But yeah. I'm hella gay. And i',m also probably the pickiest chick you will ever virtually meet. There are certain things you need to have going for you for me to even begin to be interested. No, "picky" does not = shallow. You dont NEED to be ballin out of control, or the prettiest thing in a fitted hat and timbs [altho that is a vice of mine. #confessions Dont judge me] But you do need to have some intellect goin on upstairs. I need to be able to speak candidly with you about things goin on in other countries. I need you to know what's going on when I turn to CNN and not just stare at the screen with a blank stare impatiently waiting for me to turn back to the Kardashians . I need you to do things like...read. Partake in the arts. I am an artist. I need you to be interested in culture, and not necessarily just the one you belong to. And no, you don't need to be a college student just because I am one. But you do need to have goals that will better your life and the life of a potential family. If ANY of this is too much...then you automatically know that you + I aint gonna quite work.

I had these same expectations before I realized I was gay. When did being same-sex loving equate to settling on any and everything? No ma'am. I dont have that kind of time to waste on someone i know wont be able to hold my attention [or my respect if you really wanna keep it real]

So yeah. What's up with the "I'm gay so i gotta settle" argument? Help me out....


Comeca Jones said...

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Comeca Jones said...

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Sunny said...

Idk and that says a lot about chic (her).

I think we all should have standards...and no one should settle...no matter if your gay, straight, bi or whatever!!

Great post!!