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Friday, November 25, 2011

And that's how you queer Thanksgiving

Holidays just haven't been IT for awhile now. Like...I remember being young and absoultely adoring Thanksgiving and Christmas. Something in the weather and the lights/smells of the season excited the hell outta me. Now i'm grown...and it's just not the same. I cant blame it fully on my age though because I know many adults who go hard for the holidays. But for the last few years (more like the last ten) i havent been too excited. I mean, the food is always somethin to look forward to but its supposed to be about way more than that right?

What about the festivities? Family, friends, being thankful, laughter, jokes, bright lights, singing, cooking, sleeping in or not sleeping at all. What about all of that? I just feel so OUT of it. As if it's all become so routine and blah...sigh

And then last night happened. So my gf and I went to my Uncle's house and it was great seeing everyone. The food was on point of course. [including my bomb ass garlic potatoes] Then we went to a friends house who happens to be one of those adults who live and die for Christmas. Good times. After that I was tired and basically ready to go home and pass out in my typical turkey/mac & cheese food coma. But i still had my own house to make an appearance at. I live in a huge house with 8 other artists/community activists. A few of them got together and cooked a feast and invited a bunch of ppl over and I wouldnt have felt good about myself if I didn't spend some time with them. So I did. And what was gonna be a typical Thanksgiving night turned into a night of imprmptu photo shoots with props, wine, interpretive dancing, AND (the best part) slow dancing/singing to old school 90's slow jams. Nothing but a bunch of lesbians/bisexuals/trans family enjoying one another and being IN the moment. I really enjoyed and needed it.

Let's see how I can slant Christmas and New Years!!

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