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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sean La'mont: True artists touch

First things first: HAPPY PRIDE!!!! ;) What is everyone getting into this wkend? Im saving all of my energy for Sunday= SF parade & pride celebration during the day, clubbin that night, sleep on Monday :) well, until i have to go to work. Boooo. Anywho, so check it. My gf and I recently went out to Atlanta for a few nights to enjoy friends, family, food, graduations and the club scene of course. What I coulda done without was the 145 degree heat. My cali girl roots copped a serious attitude at that ridiculous Georgia humidity! Y'all Atliens are already quite prepared for hell. But anywho...at one of the club events we attended [i was sober the entire nite, congratulate me!] there was an artist selling hand sketched drawings on 18x24 canvases. My girl saw the artist a few nights before at a previous club event and was so excited at the opportunity for me to see the artwork. I automatically saw why. AMAZING talent. Ridiculous, really. Sean La'Mont is an artist who knows her shit. She paints portraits of celebrities and non-celebrity poses and the attention to detail is on point. My girl bought two canvases, one of MJ (love you Michael!!!) and one of Janet Jackson (my wifey ;) and they are so SO nice. I also got some smaller prints of two women engagin in grown folk activity ;) Mmm hmm. Y'all know I love all things artistic so I had to support this. AND she's fam, so in the spirit of Pride, Pls check out her website http://seanlamont.comand tell me i'm wrong.

OH! I left out the best part. Sean would like to draw my girlfriend and I as her first stud/femme portrait!! *cheesin* You know i'm about to have a billboard of that on the side of my house. lol

No, really tho.


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