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Friday, May 20, 2011

Prude vs Rude

So it has been a minute since I blogged about sex. Let's go ahead and end the dry spell and dive right in. I've had a few entertaining conversations with some friends of mine on the topic of how soon is too soon to take it "there" with someone you are dating. "There" is the polite way of saying giving up the ass...or the strap, whichever way you swing it.

Now me personally, I don't have a particular time constraint. You know some women swear by the three month rule (two months if you have $$) . That just seems a bit anal to me. [no pun intended] But I have never and don't plan on ever letting ANYone hit on the first night. Or the second. Or the third. lol. I know the goods are on point and I will make you work for them. So no second week nookie over here. But if i'm kickin it with someone and the vibe is there, and we are both feelin it, and there's a strong connection...i'm not gonna block just because three solid months haven't passed. To me that goes beyond being a prude. It's RUDE. Rude to the person you are making out with only to send home night after night to hump on cold pillows alone, and rude to yourself!!! Please pay close attention here. I AM NOT ADVOCATING BEING A HEAUX. No ma'am. Never that. But come on now. Learn how to loosen up a little bit and enjoy yourself with someone if there's a connection there. Explore your sexuality and let it flow. [Pun intended.] But by all means, be safe and have discretions. Loosening up is not the same as being loose. I will never sleep with anyone who I don't feel is worth it. And by worth it , I mean I can see myself coming back for more, and I can see her being someone I would actually invest time on. Sorry to all of you one night stand advocates. *shrug*

What makes someone a prude? What makes someone a hoe? Talk about it...

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