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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Allow me to make this proclamation

Being in love with someone of the same sex is in no shape or form easier than being in love with someone of the opposite sex. I make this claim for a few reasons, one being that my opinion was asked on what I think of the nature of female drama. Is it always like this? I believe was the question. And to that I yelled an emphatic YESSSSSSSSSSS. Drama is as drama does and drama does not get any nicer or sugary sweet simply because of the anatomy between the legs of your partner. In reality, drama tends to be sharpened to that of an ice pick when it comes to women. It's nothing pretty.

But of course, as not to scare away any newbies in the atmosphere, I must back this caution up by saying that although the drama is indeed a particularly sour taste upon the lesbian palate, the good times, the smiles, laughter and pleasure to be experienced when love is in the air between two women...is a thing unparalleled.

And that's all I have to say about the upside of things seeing as how my love life is fantastically shitty these days.

I'm done.

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